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The Lion King

The Lion King
Disney By Britto Lion King Figurine (RS) Disney By Britto Lion King Figurine (RS)
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Brand: Britto Model: 082
Timon and Pumbaa, the unlikely duo became household favourites when they rescued and befriended Simba in The Lion King. Hakuna Matata means no worries for these lively friends as they embark on new adventures alongside each other in this spectacular piece designed by artist, Romero Britto Celebr..
Brand: Britto Model: 086
The Lion King- Simba makes his debut appearance in the Disney By Britto brand. Romero Britto interprets Disney's most beloved characters in mini works of art, popping with bursts of colour and exquisite detail. Dimensions: H: 7cm Unique variations are to be expected as this product is ..
Brand: Funko Pop! Model: 071
This Funko Pop! vinyl figurine has been inspired by the 1994 classic film The Lion King. Several years following the death of Mufasa, Mufasa appears to Simba as a ghost amongst the clouds in the starry sky. Mufasa tell Simba he must remember who he is and return to the Pride Land to take back th..
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