Some exciting news coming for all Disney fans.

After the second round of Lego Ideas 2018 reviews it has been announced that Steamboat Willie will be put into production as our next Lego Ideas set. Although Price and release date have not been set yet it is full steam ahead.

This nostalgic design celebrates over 90 years of Disney's Iconic True Original Mickey Mouse and received over 10,000 supporters.

Lego has just released some more exciting information with a video teaser, new images, prices and release date, so here it goes.

The above image is the final and completed Lego Steamboat Willie that will be available to every, now consisting of 751 pieces.

Release date is the 1st April 2019 at a cost of $129.99 AUD.

Available from Lego directly. I know I will be getting one.....will you?

Have you received the misprinted box? The first run of Steamboat Willie box's have been misprinted. In the bottom right hand corner it shows ideas 24 rather than ideas 25. What does this mean? Well for those that haven't opened their boxes yet, the value of this particular box may increase over time, so the question is, do you open this box or keep it?